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Invitation to write a “TPR”
(Thin Place Reflection)

Pencil Holder with Pencils

Write a “TPR” We are inviting “Thin Place Reflections” to be part of each Conversation in the Thin Place. Thin Place Reflections, (TPR), will expand the direct involvement of participants in the considerations evoked by the conversation topics. Each month there is an open invitation to write a poem, essay or any reflections on the topic. These written pieces will be made available at or after the actual conversation.

TPR reflections should be brief, 1-2 pages at most, focusing on any aspect of the topic as listed. We will compile all TPR submissions for community reading as part of the ongoing record of our Conversations in the Thin Place. (These TPR’s can be left in Ann Marie Almeida’s name at the Camden Public Library, or with Bill & Saskia at Meetingbrook Bookshop and Bakery.) Or send to mono@meetingbrook.org, or 50 Bayview St, Camden, ME 04843

May: Conversations in The Thin Place -- Continue with the Camden Public Library and Meetingbrook in a conversation on the topic "Relationships Built or Expansion and Creation" Thursday, May 25th, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM in Jean Picker Room

Theme: Is relatedness a matter of encircling what is known and familiar? Or are we invited to enter into an expansion that seems like a leaving home and a creation of something we could not have predicted? And when relationships fail to become their-own-reality, is it because we have not seen far enough? Not looked with fresh eyes? Not fallen through the known into the imagined or the simple fact of what is present? How and when are we best related? What thin place you have discovered?

Write a reflection. Present your view about Relationships Built on Expansion and Creation.

Join us in person and in writing in the Conversation in The Thin Place. For more information, call Ann Marie Almeida at Camden Public Library 236-7319, or Bill Halpin at Meetingbrook 236-6808.


Here are some sample TPR's
: Engaging Emptiness: Stepping into the Mirror.
Beauty is Change: a response to Art Revelation and Truth




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